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  • Fully trained and equipped to provide locates of all critical infrastructure, including cable, phone, fibre, gas, buried hydro, and water mains
  • OEC affiliates complete more than 300,000 locates per year!
  • Ontario One Call Locates: We supply crews for gas, electric, fiber, CATV, water, sewer, and municipal and private streetlight infrastructure locates ahead of Ontario One Call start dates

Homeowners and Private Infrastructure Owners – Do You Know?

Locating underground services just inside your property line, or in situations involving more than one structure on a single property is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. You’re at risk when digging to bury BBQ lines and pool heaters, or when running hydro to sheds, outdoor lights, or other facilities.


Arranging an ON1Call Locate?

Be sure to also request your own Private Locate to map the locations of all utility services on your property.

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Arrange Your PRIVATE LOCATE Now!

Photo of UTS Contractors engineer performing an Ontario 1Call underground private locate

Respectful & Careful

Courteous work crews and rigorous quality management protocols assure quick response times and a superior customer experience without damage to surface surroundings and landscaping.

Timely, Detailed Reporting

Municipal, utility and institutional accounts applaud our outstanding record-keeping and reporting, as it helps them maintain quality field re#cords on placement of physical assets.

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