Comprehensive Utility Metering Services

Golden Horseshoe Metering System (GHMS) provides comprehensive metering services to utility customers looking to provide individual suite metering for multi-tenant projects, retro-fit projects, or new construction. We are experienced in providing metering solutions for all types of utilities: electricity, water, thermal, and gas.


GHMS’ helps customers throughout the entire procurement cycle. Our professionals provide sales management and outstanding customer support; from engineering and design all the way to installation, commissioning and Measurement Canada Inspection.


GHMS has supplied meters in Ontario for over 15,000 utility customers for over 14 years. GHMS ensures that the highest standards of integrity, quality, reliability and safety are maintained inside of the regulated environment.

GHMS provides services throughout the meter procurement cycle GHMS is a wholly owned subsidiary of OEC. © GHMS All rights reserved.
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