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– Mobile & Aerial Mapping

  • Topographical, Infrastructure, and Asset Data Collection: Advanced remote sensing merged with GIS and CAD provides superior 3D surface, terrain modelling and inspection mapping
  • Vehicle-Based Mapping: We combine LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) with street level video/photography to build coherent data sets in record time
  • Stationary 3D Laser Scanning: Precise photo-realistic 3D laser indoor and outdoor mapping (1mm accuracy) in complex or dangerous settings
  • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Mapping: High accuracy aerial surveys generate meaningful intelligence much faster and with greater economy that traditional methods
  • Field GPS Data Collection: High speed collection and data-logging of infrastructure location and state-of-repair, including reporting on road sign placement, orientation and reflectivity
  • GIS/CAD Consulting and Development: Providing expert tools and support to help you digest, analyze and implement good-decisions from unprecedented depth of data

Photo of Huron Geomatics Inc. employee in the field launching aerial drone.

New Options for Deeper Solutions

Cutting-edge technologies deliver unsurpassed DSM/DTM models, mapping and asset inventories and geospatial data for cross-departmental purposes – at low cost in record time.

Physical & Geospatial Data

Mobile scanning platforms inform every infrastructure engineering, archival and project planning decision with comprehensive, precise and accurate, real-time data and intelligence.

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Mobile & Aerial Mapping

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