GIS Services

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Geospatial Services

We provide GIS Services to infrastructure owners to support asset management, damage prevention and the on-going operations of Utilities.  Our team works closely with the Engineering and SUE groups to ensure our clients have every opportunity to maximize their GIS investments by employing sound process to maintain data in an accurate, timely and controlled method.


Our GIS services include:


  • Project Management and Sr. Utility Consulting Services
    • Our team understands the utility business
  • Utility GIS Support
    • GIS & Mapping Updates (ArcGIS, ArcFM, SpatialNET, NetworkX, NetDesigner, AutoDesk Map 3D)
    • Utility Asset Management
    • Electric, Gas, Telecommunications, Water/Waste Water, Traffic and Streetlights, Infrastructure
    • Implementation and Configuration Services
    • GIS Customization & Application Development
  • Data Translation and Transformation Between File Formats
    • We have a strong team of analyst who can leverage Safe Software (FME), Model Builder, Python scripts as well as Oracle Spatial and SQL Spatial
  • Landbase Data Management
  • Spatial Data Analysis & Manipulation
  • Custom Cartographic Mapping
  • Engineering and Base Mapping
  • Database Scheme Design


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GIS Services

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